Create Event Help

The Create Event page is where you will start creating each event. It provides a simple yet powerful user interface to create the basic information of an event. The name of the event (WHAT), the data and time of the event (WHEN), the location of the event (WHERE), the event details (WHY), your organization details (WHO), and details about admission tickets, donations, prices, on sale dates, and more (HOW).

After entering the important details about your event, you can enhance your event page with pictures, videos, hyperlinks, and themes. You will also find additional customizing options on the Customize page, to make your event truly special.

The Menu Buttons at the Top of the Page

Menu Buttons

You will find three menu buttons at the top of the Create Event page: Create, Themes, and Preview. These options work together to show your creation in progress. By clicking on them, you may select any of these options in any order to navigate to the pages where you will enter, enhance, and preview your event page. You can also click the floating buttons on either side of the page you're on to move between the Themes, Preview, and Create/Edit pages.

Create/Edit – This displays the page where you enter information about your event. The menu button will say Create until you save a new event. From then on, the button will say Edit as you make additions and changes to your saved event.

Themes – Click on Themes to display a page where you can select from our ever-growing library of backgrounds and styles for any occasion or holiday. If you prefer, you can simply choose a solid background color for your webpage.

Preview – Click the Preview button to display a live preview of the information you have entered on the Create/Edit page. You can go back to the Create Event page by clicking the Create/Edit button.

Six Sections to Easily Create Events

Create Screen

The ezEvent® Create Event page is divided into six sections representing the basic types of information you might want to enter. You can enter your event information in any order, but to save an event you must enter your event name and at least one ticket type. To save your event, scroll to the bottom of the page and press the Save Event button. You can do this at any time to save your progress. Before you save your progress, if you try to leave the Create Event page, you will be prompted to either Cancel Changes, Stay on this Page, or Save Changes before moving to another page.

What – Enter the name of your event, using up to 75 characters (including spaces). This is mandatory. Without an event name you cannot save your event. This is also the name that potential attendees will search for, so make it as clear as possible. You can also upload the event image or logo (if you have one) by pressing the Upload File button and then using the file selector box that appears to locate the file for your logo. The logo will then appear in the space above the Upload File and Remove Logo buttons. The file must be under 1MB in size.

When – Enter the date and time (if applicable) when your event will start. You can use our calendar or just type directly in the data entry fields. If your event has an end date and time (other than when the last person leaves) you can click on the +Add End Date option. You will be able to enter the end date and time just as you entered the start date and time. You can add multi-day events by choosing different end and start dates. The end date/time must be after the start date/time.

Where – This is where you enter details for the Location of your event. For example, if you were having a fundraiser at Happy Country Club, your Location would be Happy Country Club. This is where you will enter the physical address of your Location, including street, city, state, and zip code. If you check the Display Map option, an interactive Google map will integrate seamlessly into your event webpage. The map feature requires at least the city and state or zip code to function. The street address will help display the exact location of the venue. When the web page is displayed, the Get Directions button lets users print out directions to or from the venue. Location Website and Location Phone are optional fields.

Why – This is a free-form text area for any additional information about the event. Perhaps you want to create a schedule of everything to do at the event (e.g. cocktail parties, dinners, courses, lists of performers or speakers, breaks, menus, or descriptions of each day in a multi-day event). Anything you want to tell your attendees can be placed in this area. It’s virtually unlimited, and your event page expands to accommodate your information. With our Rich-Text Formatting toolbar, you can upload pictures, YouTube videos, web hyperlinks, and control this section’s HTML. View the Style Event Details section to learn more about these features.

Who – This optional section enables you to enter information about you or your organization. We pre-fill the Contact Email with the email address you entered in the Sign Up screen. If the contact for an event is different, this is where you can change that information. If you are the event organizer or head of the organization and someone else is running a particular event, you can select "I am not the contact for the event" from the drop-down menu. Then create a new contact to select as the contact for the event. You remain the person to administer the account, but the contact you select will be used in all of the correspondence with attendees for the specified event. The Organization Details box can be used to enter all of the details about your organization, such as the purpose of the organization, additional contacts, upcoming events, your location, or anything you want attendees to know about the organization putting on the event. You can also use this space for special offers, how to donate if the organization is a non-profit, relevant bios, organization profiles, special acknowledgements, and more. With the Rich-Text Formatting toolbar, you can upload pictures, YouTube videos, web hyperlinks, and control this section’s HTML. View the Style Event Details section to learn more about these features.

How – This is where you enter the various ticket types you want to offer for sale. This topic is covered in detail in the Define Tickets section of the Help Center.

Add Themes and Preview Your Event

At any time during the event creation process you can click the Themes or Preview buttons on the left or right of the main page. Themes allows you to add a background that ezEvent® provides or add your own custom theme. Preview lets you check the progress of your event page with a live preview of the details you entered so far. This topic is covered in detail in the Themes and Preview section of the Help Center.

Save Your Event

You have two options to save your progress at any time: Save Draft and Go Live!

  • Click Save Draft to save an event and remain on the page. This will save your progress without publishing your live event webpage. You may continue to make changes before going live.
  • Click Go Live! to save your event when you are ready to begin selling tickets. This will publish your live event webpage. Once your event is saved, you may select the Manage Events button at the top of the page to view your event, monitor progress, and make additional edits.
Save and Live Buttons

After choosing the save option, you will see an error message in red if you have made any mistakes. You will be asked to correct your entries and prompted to save your changes by pressing the Save Draft or Go Live! button again.